Open Beta and the Newberries

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Dust Related

Oh. My. Gosh.

I love you, newberries.

For those who may not be familiar with the term, Dust bunnies often call team mates (but not squadmates), blueberries because of the blue little dots on your radar. Hence, new players are “newberries.” It’s a fitting term.

I’ve heard much complaining on the Dust forums about new players not knowing what to do. I mean, this is a given, right? All of us closed beta players expected this to happen, so I don’t really understand why a person would complain about such. Personally, I had an awesome time last night, and had some of my best public matches.

I got home a bit early last evening, and with no one on corp chat, I thought I might get in a few public matches to get to my nightly cap (I really can’t wait for the weekly cap thing to kick in…). Most of the matches I played in had a vast majority of players being new. You can tell because the corps they were in were newbie corps. At first, I felt the standard “ah, crap” feeling you get when you know your team is just a bunch of randoms who won’t work together.

I was pleasantly surprised. I guess because in all the games a majority of the players were new with no corps to call their own, they decided to actually work with the people on their team, as opposed to just with their corpmates who were in the game with them. In my first game, I watched as my entire team went in a totally wrong direction from the skirmish objectives. I thought about going lone-wolf style to capture some letters, but being the logi-bro that I am, it’s not like I can bust into a room and take out all the reds with my trusty AR.

So I followed this mass of newberries as whoever led them was trying to get his barrings. The other team captures all three letters, and I watch as our MCC shields begin to rapidly deplete.

But then something amazing happens. This whole army of newberries finally finds where they’re supposed to go, and I watch as 15 caldari assault suits slowly move side by side through the structure and capture each red letter. They died quickly, and I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to revive as many as possible (I’m still not happy with the amount of newberries who are so quick to smash the circle button after getting put down…).

We captured all the letters right as our MCC shields gave out, while our opponents were sitting pretty at about 75% shields. At this point, I honestly thought it was over, but these new guys did not give up an inch. We fortified the structure that contained all three letters, and not once did the enemy retake another.

It was a bloody battle, though, and I imagine new players on both sides were respawning quickly without waiting to see if a triage unit was around to revive them. This caused clone counts on both sides to rapidly diminish, and my team lost due to our clones being depleted, right as the enemy MCC structure was entering its critical stage. Oh, we were so close.

It’s all good, though. I would much rather lose in a very close match than totally dominate and win with little effort.

We are certainly witnessing an interesting dynamic with this influx of new players. I would be willing to bet that this is probably the only time where we will see public teams so evenly matched. Pretty much everyone I played against last night was in some kind of standard starter fit, and with everyone starting on such equal ground, all the matches I’ve been playing have been close. Eventually, I imagine corp battles will find a similar balance once everyone has specced into their proto gear.

So, welcome newberries! I had an excellent time playing with you last night.

On a side note, I’ve almost completed skilling up for the full use of advanced modules on my logisuit. I run a ‘Sever,’ which is the 19,000 AUR blueprint, and for normal matches all my modules are militia blueprints. But for corp matches, that’s when it’s time to bust out the real shit. By specializing in the equipment I use regularly, I’m quickly coming into possession of a much better logi-fit. That’s one of the key things to remember about Dust, that like EVE, specialization is where you find the most use as a new player, while older players move on to generalization.

I’ve got a pretty cool skill plan I’m working on that I’ll put up here later. I imagine it may have some use to those interested in pursing the logi-bro route.



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