I totally wasn’t there…

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Dust Related, EVE Related

Well it seems the topic of the blog-o-sphere is the giant throwdown that took place in the Asakai system this weekend. Ah, if only I could give you the perspective from an interceptor pilot’s point of view, but alas, I saw the jabber ping right as I sat down for a two and a half hour long theater session (yeah, I just saw The Hobbit this weekend). So, unfortunately I totally wasn’t there.

I did get some EVE time in this weekend, though. The HBC is picking up and moving out of our staging system of HED and heading back to our home system of K-6, in Delve. We’ve been in HED since about the end of October (before I even restarted my sub), so the change is a welcome one, to me personally. I feel that this means whatever TEST has planned next, we’re just now getting into the beginning stages of whatever that plan may be. I am not privy to such information myself, but thankfully I imagine the next few weeks will be slow so that the general line grunt can get their wallet in order for the next operation. From what I hear, it’s going to be a big one.

For now, though I’m hoping the added presence in our home system will help the sales of my PI junk I’ve put up on the market. Last time I checked, I was the only one selling Mechanical Parts in K-6, but I doubt I’ll maintain any kind of hold on that market. The other commodity I farm is Coolant, and there’s already quite a market in K-6 for that. If there are any POS managers looking to set something up (long term delivery wise), I make about 3,000 units of Coolant and 4,000 units of Mechanical Parts a week and once a week I bring them into K-6 to sell. So if you’re looking for a long term source of fuel, send Cawfield a PM and we’ll see if we can work something out.

As far as Dust goes, I have figured out a few more things this weekend.

ONE: Don’t listen to me.

Seriously. We’re in beta right now, and we’re all trying to figure out how these new parts fit together to be the most effective dropsuits and vehicle fittings we can possibly make them. I really can’t wait for a Pyfa or EveMon or something for Dust.

In any case, I may be easing up on the use of my shield fit logi-bro. My zero-ISK fitting is still shield tanked, but that’s mainly because I’ve saved up enough ISK to where shelling out 46,000 ISK a fitting isn’t too big a deal (that’s the cost of my fully upgraded armor tank, shield is 43,000). I could probably make a blueprint using armor tank, but it just wouldn’t be as good as the plates I have on now, and I’d only use it if I got into financial trouble, which probably won’t happen anytime soon *knock on wood.*

The things I said on the core skills still applies, though maybe even more-so right now. Really, they should all be 4 as soon as possible, and 5 shortly thereafter. I’ll be hitting Weaponry 5 this evening, and those new damage mods I’ll have access to have me drooling.

So, why did I change from a shield tank to an armor tank? Well, even with full shield modules my “buffer tank” (a term that seems to have popped up in Dust, I haven’t heard it in Eve before, but it’s basically just your shield and armor hit points added together) sits at about 301. Apparently, you need about 300 to survive a direct sniper hit, and as you can see, that’s cutting it a little close. If I take any damage, I’m just one sniper shot away from getting taking out of the battle.

By changing my fit up drastically to support 2 armor plate modules (instead of a module that decreases the amount of time it takes for my shields to begin recharging, and a module that increases my overall stamina and stamina recharge time), and removing my shield recharger for a damage mod (enhanced), I’ve turned my fleet of foot 301 buffer tank logi into a slightly slower, but much more survivable 460 buffer tanked swiss-army knife with a bite.

Running this fit this weekend, not only did my KDR go up drastically (the fucks I give about this couldn’t be smaller), but there were numerous times where I got into a hell of a firefight, was able to keep my team alive and repped until we won whatever we were fighting over, and then I checked to see I’m sitting at about 20% armor and no shields. Had I been shield tanked, I would not have survived our engagement.

This did not happen once, but numerous times. Add on top of the fact that, if you recall from my last post, the quickest way out of danger is to kill danger (hence the damage mods), and you’ll see why I’m liking this fit over my previous.

Ah well, things change, eh? I imagine there will be even greater changes as we get farther along in the beta. Our next build promises to add a graphical update that they say will make this look like a totally new game. This has got me pretty excited. I suppose we’ll just have to wait for more news on that front, though.



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