Our Time of Growth

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Dust Related

I don’t think anyone ever expected Subdreddit to be a small corp. I mean, let’s face it, our EVE corp, Dreddit, is the largest corp in the game, at head of the largest alliance in the game, at the head of the largest coalition in the game. Of course we were going to get big.

And now it looks like we’re about to break the record as the largest corp in Dust. This is awesome. There was a crapton of people in corp chat last night, and I’m pretty sure as of the time I logged off (around 7:30 pm ET) we had three or four full squads constantly queuing up.

There was a particularly enjoyable match where two of our squads were able to queue-sync into the same ambush game. I think we were up against maybe two others who were not in an NPC corp, and then the rest looked to be brand spanking newberries. It did not help our opposing team that our two squads were also teamed up with a squad from the Imperfects, meaning 3 full squads on our team (plus 4 new guys). Needless to say, it did not end well for the other team.

I think the most enjoyable part about the whole thing was that I was able to play a game with two full squads of my Subdreddit bros, and despite the Imperfects not jumping into team chat with us *ahem,* it was still cool to have an almost full 16 person team actually working as a coordinated team. I think even our NPC corp newberries got in on the team chat action (at least 2 of them, anyway). I can’t wait until we can have full corp battles.

I think all my other Subdreddit bros also enjoyed this experience, with the exception of Tien, whose frustrations over spawning in front of multiple red HMGs on a regular basis were comically delivered throughout the match (sorry, Tien bro =P). I hear it was enough to get our sniper expert to train a level in HMG himself. =P

Oh! Here’s a new addition to the blog, before I forget. I’ve added a widget on the side of this blog that links to my twitter account, @thememegeneer. I haven’t used twitter in forever, but a corp mate of mine recommended I make it available to people so they know when I update this blog. Since I’m not on evebloggers.com (yet! I’ve emailed Marc Saurus about it, and put a reply in the “new blogs” section of evebloggers, so hopefully soon), this will give those of you who are interested in following this blog a way to be easily updated on new posts. I had not used my twitter for anything EVE related in the past, but seeing as how I don’t really use it anymore, it’s safe to say most of the tweets that will be coming from that account from now on will be EVE and Dust related. So, yeah you should follow me on twitter.

I’ll keep my post short today, as I’m a tad short of time, myself. I have been thinking a lot about the coming expansions to Dust, though and I’m exciting about the changes we’ll be seeing next month. I think tomorrow will be a day of boundless speculation!



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