Rockin’ Taipei

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Dust Related, EVE Related

I have no idea what the rest of you jokers were up to last night, but Heretyks, Kalesi and myself grouped up to rock the Taipei Game Show, and taught the denizens of Taiwan to fear the name of Subdreddit! I actually had no idea what the Taipei Game Show was, but seeing as how I’ve now learned it was an expo, that probably explains why we were constantly at the top of the after battle rankings. For some reason I thought it was a TV game show or something, so after we dominated three matches, I was a little curious why I had not received a prize.

I’m still waiting, Taipei Game Show.

Come on! We provided content!

I was also able to get a little EVE time in, yesterday evening. It appears with our move back to K-6, our enemies have followed us home in hopes of catching us while we get ourselves settled again after a long deployment. This hasn’t effected my passive income too much, as I rely on PI to make me the bare minimum to keep my ships up, and with my blockade runner, it’s not too terribly difficult to collect, even with a few cloaky sabres camping my systems (catch me, bitches).

But PI only nets me about half a bil a month, and that’s not really enough to keep up with heavy PvP usage (though, since I’ve been getting my Dust on so much, that hasn’t been a real issue). I’m trying not to jump clone up to Fountain to eliminate the Serpentis menace too much, as Fountain has become really crowded, and there’s no telling when a fleet of neutrals (or teh Gewns) will show up to ruin the day of our ever-vigilant ratters.

Unfortunately, I lack the skills to run a ship that can handle the Blood Raiders of Delve anywhere near as effectively, plus I don’t like ratting much, anyway. The Serpentis npcs are easy to deal with in our naga fits, but I’ve yet to come up with a viable fitting I can fly that can deal with Blood Raiders, and at 14 million SP, I doubt Cawfield will be able to skill into something worthwhile quickly. And again, I don’t really care for ratting enough to mess up my current skill plan (T1 Foxcat Apoc is only 2 skills and 11 days away).

So I need a form of active income that can net me a decent amount of ISKies, and I’ve come up with a new plan.


Drugs are always a good plan, right? I got myself a Helios the other night, since I can fly covert-ops and I heard we were in need of people who can throw out probes (combat and core) for whatever reasons. I’ve also always been interested in exploration, as the idea of coming across big finds makes me giddy as a school girl.

I’ve also heard that the new Venture mining frigate is not only a pain in the ass to point (meaning locked down with a warp disruptor or scrambler so your target can’t warp away, for my non EVE pilot bros), but is quite the gas miner as well. So I’m putting together a gas miner to venture (hur hur hur) into the Ladar sites I scan down with my Helios. Has anyone tried this in Delve? Besides hacking radar sites and analyzing magnetometric sites with the Helios, the Venture will actually give me a reason to warp into Ladar sites for sweet sweet gas. There are still of course gravimetric sites, but even with a venture those are pretty worthless, right? I mean, even with ABCs all over the place, I can’t imagine mining without a strip miner. Mining lasers? Even the T2 versions are crap (unless I’ve missed something since the last time I’ve shot rocks… which has been a while).

So that’s my plan. I’m going after the gases in ladar sites to rustle me up some ISKies. If anyone has done this before (especially in Delve), I’d be much appreciative of any pointers, as I’ve never mined gas before, and I’m not too sure how lucrative it can actually be.

In preparing for setting this operation up, I lost an interceptor to a gate camp. Sadness. Goodbye, Beautiful Muffin II, you were an averagely built Ares, and you never caught anyone, but I thought you were all right.

As far as this weekend goes, I’m not sure how my EVE time will work out. I say this because on Saturday, Subdreddit will be going to war. Dent is going to be setting us up with constant corp matches for battles that are worth a little bit more than the pub matches we’ve been finding ourselves in. This is awesome.

Not only will we be fighting more as a team, with multiple squads working together, these matches will have an actual effect on the world of New Eden, unlike the pub matches we run normally. That’s the real prize I see in Dust matches. Planets. Many players who’ve come from other FPS games seemed focused on their character, and their personal stats.

Those Dust bunnies are going to have a hard fact to learn once Dust is more fully integrated into EVE. It’s going to be the bigger picture that is important, and you can have all the elite FPS skills in the world, but that’s not going to save you from the gibbering masses of the HBC, who will invade planets en-mass  and force our opponents to either hire sub-par defense to cover all their bases, or they will have to give up ground.

As an example, let’s say you’re an alliance who’s facing the threat of invasion from our fleets. The first thing we would need to do is take over a system close to your home that would become our “staging system.” HED was the staging system we used to rid the world of -A-.

You’re not going to want us to take that system, so we’re going to fight over it. Let’s keep it simple for now, and say Dust is only going to be on temperate planets when this war is fought.

Now, as of this moment, planets have no bearing on Sov, but I’m hoping that’s something that’s going to change once the null revamp starts up. Let’s assume planets are important for one reason or another in our new 0.0 warfare. I mean, they’ve got to have some importance, right? If not, what would be the point of fighting over them?

Anywho, let’s pretend you’ve got 3 temperate planets in this system, meaning that’s 3 planets our Dust invasion force is going to have to control. If each planet has 7 to 8 districts on it, that’s 21 districts on the low end that have to be guarded in order to keep us from gaining a foothold.

21 districts can equate to 21 matches. The HBC will be able to do this invasion all at once. Now you’ve got 21 districts facing an invasion you’re going to have to fight off. Let’s say you’ve got a decent amount of money and want to hire the best mercs you can. Right now, many would point you in the direction of The Imperfects, who are known for having the “best FPS skills.”

The thing about that is, the last time I checked, The Imperfects have a member count around 60. How many players do you think they’d be able to call on short notice to take a defense contract? Do you think they’d have enough to protect 3 districts at a time? Even at the current game count of 32 players, to protect a system of 21 districts would require 336 Dust Bunnies, just on your side. Assuming they’d be able to field enough soldiers to handle the defense of 3 districts, how do you even know which districts we’re specifically targeting? Perhaps different districts will have different attributes, leading some to be more valuable than others (I hope this will be the case, anyway). That will probably give you some indication as to what districts they should be in, but gives no guarantee that the higher value districts would be the first targets.

In any case, I think you can see where I’m going with this. Eve is a numbers game, and it always has been. Hence the constant grumbling of “the blob,” which is a term Eve pilots use to describe a massive fleet that wins on numbers alone.

Which is basically how you win Eve right now (besides not playing, I mean). Look at the two most powerful coalitions, the HBC and the CFC. They are on top because they can field the largest fleets. They have the most manpower, and there’s nothing any smaller alliances can do to break their stranglehold of the null-sec resource system. This is the main reason all of EVE wanted to see the HBC and CFC go to war. They knew we were the only ones who could destroy each other, which would lead to an inevitable vacuum of power that the vultures could then sweep in and feast on the leftovers.

That didn’t happen, and so the gibbering masses of both sides remain unsatiated in their bloodlust.

So heads up, Minmatar militia. I’m normally a Gallente guy, myself, but since Fweddit (our faction warfare Dreddit bros) are Amarr aligned, it looks like we’re playing the role of slave catchers.

Tomorrow, the Minmitar forces will lose their planets. It is inevitable. I look forward to seeing which brave corporations will defend these poor souls, and look forward even more to crushing them under the boots of our freedom.



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