Now That’s Effin’ Teeeeeeamwork!

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Dust Related

Good morning, (Sub)Dredditors and (Sub)Dredditor friends!

Last night I was able to hop onto Dust for a few hours and team up with some corpies to bring righteous doom to our random foes. I think we did quite well, and would like to share this experience with you.

I began the evening by squadding up with my good buddy Kalesie, who had a heavy in the squad named Torr that was from a different corp, maybe he found us through the Subdreddit channel or something. Anyway,  after a few ambush matches, we lost Torr to the other realm known as “real life,” and had to do a little recruiting to fill out our squad.

We picked up newbro Wylde Flash, at least, I’m pretty sure it was his first jaunt onto the war torn planets of Dust because we had to help him get his comms up and running. We also picked up Orca Amsel, another heavy (who has quite a fitting name for a heavy, if I do say so myself). I know what you Eve pilots are thinking, “Orcas are for mining! Not fighting!”

The only mining that was done last night was the mining of tears from our fallen enemies.

It was an excellent squad mix. I was, of course, running logibro (the vocabulary has stuck, Marc Scaurus!), while Flash was in an assault suit, again I’m guessing because it was his first jaunt as I don’t see many of our guys running assault, but it turned out to be a great balance. Orca was rocking the heavy with a HMG, and Kalesie was mostly running shotgun scout (unless we got a good fortified position, in which case he’d change over to logi so we could both support Orca and Flash).

I think this might have been the first time I’ve been in a squad with all four different classes.

In any case, we mostly ran ambush matches, and had developed a tactic that not only won us every game (well… every game but one), but also had us at the top of the score boards at the end of the matches.

So the whole point of ambush is to diminish the other team’s clones, right? Unfortunately, in most public matches, this means your team is running all over the place trying to kill as many people as possible. Generally, this means blueberries are running off and getting themselves killed, depleting your clone reserves.

What we would do, as a squad, is find a good defensive position, with a nice bottleneck where we knew the enemy would be coming from, and then hunker down and defend that spot. Since I normally carry gauge nanohives, and a triage repair tool, I would toss down 3 hives spread out around our defensive position in goods spots of cover, then just sit behind cover and be ready with the repair tool as soon as anyone began taking armor damage. Having us so close together all the time made it really easy for me to keep everyone ammoed up and in good repair.

It’s also very difficult for an enemy to push through a bottleneck with a heavy machine gun barring down on them. Kalesie was rocking the laser with his logi, so could hit the farther off targets, while Flash and myself would handle anyone who made it into our defensive position with some concentrated AR fire. I’m getting horribly good at this gun, by the way. There were at least two times last night where I found myself face to face against an assault suit with an AR rifle as well, and all things given, they should definitely have killed me before I killed them, as I assume they put out more damage and can take more than my logi suit. But I had targeters on or something last night, because as soon as I would aim through the iron sites, I’d have their head right smack in the middle and would just unleash with inhuman accuracy, taking them down when I had about 10% armor left.

I blame this on me taking my adderall a little later in the day than normal…

As I said before, this tactic of hunkering down with your squad in an easily defensive spot during an ambush game had some great results. Almost ever game we were in, we were in the top 4 spots on our team. We only lost one game, and I blame that on our too eager to die blueberries, who did not want to join us in our fort. We were still in the top 4 spot on our team, and I’m pretty sure I had never gotten that many war points in a match I lost (it was around 1200 ish). The other team in that game also had a corp squad that was pretty good. I wish I remembered the name of that corp… I think they were from California because of their name, but the actual title escapes me at the moment. Anyway, good fight, dudes!

So after we ran a fair amount of ambush maps, I was sitting on about 346,000 unspent skill points. I had been saving for the last week and a half to earn 348,000 sp to put into Minmitar Logistics Dropsuit 3. I was only one more game away from my goal.

Then Kalesie and I started talking tactics and logic and sense and all that mess. Damn it.

I’m sure everyone who’s been reading my blog is no stranger to the fact I am a Gallente at heart (that flag behind Cawfield’s portrait hasn’t changed since I was able to add the background). And I haven’t exactly made it a secret that once the new dropsuits are out, you’ll be seeing me running around in a Gallente Logisitcs Suit.

So why was I going to spend 348,000 on a new suit that I probably won’t be using in the next month or so because we’re getting these new suits in our next build. Especially when most of my important core skills are sitting at 3?


So I spent those skill points on more sensible things. My circuitry is now 4, combat engineering is now 4 (weaponry has been 5 for some time), nanocircuitry is now at 3 too, so I can use the NIN-nanoinjector, which brings up my fallen comrades at 50% armor.

With my other upgrades, I can now fit all those advanced tools of mine onto my lucky ‘Sever’ suit. Triage repair tool, gauge nanohives, and a NIN-nanoinjector. Plus! With my added armor skills, my suit is sitting just about 300 armor, and 150 shields. Meaning I’ve got a total of 450 hit points. Not too bad, since I was normally running around with just over 300 a week ago.

So, thanks, Kalesie, for being the catalyst for these ideas. I know you didn’t push me to go this route, as I was just babbling on about pros and cons, but you stimulated my thinking, and thinking stimulators are always much appreciated by me.

And thanks to Orca and Flash! I had a great time teaming up with you guys, and if any other Subdredditors see these guys LFS, I highly recommend snatching them up before another squad leader does, they’re great teammates to have!

Until next time, New Eden Citizens.



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