Back into the Swing

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Dust Related, EVE Related

I was a tad busy this weekend, and didn’t find much time for either Eve or Dust, but last night I did a little catching up in both, and holy crap what a difference a weekend makes.

As far as executive (pilot) business goes, I’ve moved my home base from our Delve fortress of K-6 over to C3N, a little hub a few constellations over. It’s still only 2 jumps from K-6, so in the event of a strat op, or a short notice roam, fleeting up with everyone won’t be an issue (yay, jump bridges!). This also affords me the opportunity to rat in space that’s a little more peaceful. I dislike ratting enough as it is, so the fewer interruptions, the better.

So now most of my PvE stuff is in C3N, you denizens of the OK-FEM constellation will be seeing me cruising around more often. I’m pretty sure not nearly enough people read this blog for this to make me a target, right?

My Dust adventures last night happened to be a tad more eventful, as they often are. There’s not a whole lot to do in Dust at the moment besides throw yourself into some action, which is exactly what I did when I got home last night.

Working for the Government has it’s advantages. One of those advantages is being able to get off a little earlier than the normal 9-5 rush (though, I do get up earlier I’ve been finding myself more of a morning person as age begins to rear its gaze towards myself and my hair line). This generally means there aren’t a whole lot of people in corp when I sign on, which is how I started yesterday. I put myself into a few solo matches to begin my skill point grind.

I had some solo adventures with a few blueberries, but nothing totally spectacular. One thing that did happen during this solo bout was I found myself on the opposing team of another Subdredditor (*gasp!*). Of course, this meant I had to target him. =P

I actually didn’t do that, and ended up just playing the game. But holy crap, we were both awesome. My team won that match, just barely, but the whole time I was number one on my team, while my Subdreddit cohort, Corvus Descartes, was number 1 on his side (at the very end, I think one of his blueberries got a bunch of extra WP and barely slipped ahead). All in all, it was a pretty good show for the name of Subdreddit.

I did eventually end up finding myself in a squad with my favorite tank driver / fellow logibro, Kelesie. We picked up Bear Beets, who ran heavy, and p4rkway, who ran assault (my apologies, dudes if I misspelled your handles, I totally forgot to write them down while we were laying waste to our enemies).

After getting ourselves situated, we dove headfirst into a few ambush matches. A squad of 2 logis, a heavy and an assault is an awesome combination for ambush matches. Kalesie brought the uplinks, while I brought the nanohives, and between us we were able to keep Bear and p4rkway repped and ressed through most of our matches. We were able to claim the tabletop (that’s the term we’re using for that overhang in between where Bravo and Charlie normally are, right?) for at least two games, giving us a tremendous positional advantage.

I have noticed I’m getting a tad poorer, though. This is probably because I’m always running with my best gear, which ends up costing me about 56,000 ISK every time I drop. If I’m in a bad game, and end up dying 10 times (generally the max), that’s like half a million down the drain (well, a quarter anyway, because I’m sure I’ll earn at least 250,000). The thing is, these tools are so helpful, it hurts my heart to go back to my inferior, 0-ISK fits. I’ve got the triage repair tool, that has a bonus for dropsuit repair, a gauge nanohive set, which allows me to put down 3 nanohives at a time, and a NIN nanoinjector, which brings my fallen comrades back up with 50% armor.

To give an example of how awesome this is, I present you with a scenario that occurred yesterday evening. During one particularly tough ambush (we were facing another corp with a well organized squad), we were being pushed off the tabletop pretty effectively. I look down and see Bear Beets in her heavy suit and HMG getting into a little 1v1 with another heavy and his HMG, though by the looks of both of their health, it’s obvious BB is not going to win this fight. I leap off the tabletop, gritting my teeth as my shields take the impact damage, and hit the ground running towards the firefight as bullets zing over my head.

Whipping out my triage repair tool, I get into range just as BB is around 10% armor. Sweet sweet reps ensue, but it’s still not enough to mitigate the damage coming from the enemy HMG, and while I kept her up a little longer, she still went down. This was, however, enough to deplete the enemy HMG, and as soon as BB is down, the heavy retreats to cover so he can reload.

His mistake.

I quickly switch to the NIN-Nanoinjector, and BB is up at 50% armor. In conjunction with my triage repair tool, she’s sitting comfortable at about 75% armor before the enemy heavy even has time to finish reloading. BB was quick to get back into the action, and it wasn’t a few moments later we merrily trotted over the fallen corpse of what used to be an enemy heavy.

Not too shabby.

So, as you can see, this is why my wallet is slowly depleting (it’s my fault, I know, I could run a few matches strictly for the ISK). It’s so hard to go back to the old tools when the new ones are so much better. Even in random matches where I’m with a whole team of blueberries, I think it’s my use of the more expensive stuff that keeps me at the top of the boards (because really, I’m not that good).

In any case, I had another successful corp squad that I unfortunately had to leave early. I wish I could have stayed so we could have tried out a skirmish or two, but it was certainly fun cleaning up those ambushes. Bear Beets and p4rkway are both awesome squadmates, p4rkway being one of our few primarily assault dudes. If you see these two “LFS” in corp, you should grab them. Do it. Or I will.

Kalesie is off limits, though. He’s mine, I tell you! I hereby claim a permanent spot in any squad he’s running, so if you’re in a full squad with him, and I’m not there, remember someone is keeping my seat warm…

No, no. I kid, I kid.

But srsly.

Kalesie has been playing for a long time, and has a whole wealth of knowledge for those of you who are new to the game. I especially encourage our newbies to squad up with him (among others, we’ve got a great bunch of  vets from the closed beta, and from what I’ve seen, they are incredibly eager to help those of us who are new and would like to learn).

(By the way Kalesie, I sent you an Evemail to your character from Cawfield the other day, I keep forgetting to tell you).

Until next time, (Sub)Dredditors, and (Sub)Dredditor friends,

Happy hunting!


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