Why We Fight

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Dust Related

So an interesting little discussion popped up in the Subdreddit subreddit on Reddit (yay. tongue twisters!) yesterday after my post, and it’s something that got me thinking… (the whole conversation can be viewed here)

Why are we fighting?

Esteemed Subdreddit merc, Atticus Vandolius, made a note of the comments I made in regards to the ISK grind on yesterday’s post. He is in much the same situation as me, having possession of, and the ability to use more advanced equipment, yet is pretty much ending up at an ISK lost on almost every battle. It’s the same for me if I end up dying more than 3 or 4 times in a single battle.

The difference that Atticus points out, is that when we play EVE, and get access to more advanced modules, those modules and hulls normally keep us from dying in action. That’s kind of the trade off. You pay a whole lot of a cash to get equipment that will keep you alive. If you’re dumb, and get yourself into a situation where your new fancy ship with it’s new fancy modules cannot handle the situation they’ve been placed in (PvP in a PvE ship, for example), well, that’s your own fault. You should be aware of the limitations and capabilities of your ship. Same goes for us in our drop suits.

The thing about it is, if you are smart, and you use your ship wisely, it will not end up being salvaged by your enemy. The same cannot be said for Dust.

No matter how much ISK you pour into your fitting, chances are you’re going to die at least once during the match. Now, yes, I have seen quite a few heavies go 25/1 or 28/0, but these are not regular humans, and should not be the standard. Plus, a good heavy with a good logi backing them up shouldn’t be going down anyway. Now, a good logi, on the other hand, is quite a prime target. This is what I blame most of my ISK loss on, anyway.

So, with how one acquires ISK in this game at the moment, we’re seeing the development of a whole new kind of grind (which Atticus pointed out was something CCP is trying to eliminate), where players need to suit up into less enjoyable fits so they can farm ISK for the “important corp battles.”

Dropship pilot extraordinaire, Baal Roo then chimes in with a bit of common sense. Currently, we’re playing a beta. What we’re playing right now could be seen as the equivalent to high sec, and the basics of the game. This is what the new players will be doing when they first start, but we’ll have moved on to whatever FW or null sov has us doing. This is a good point, and it made me think a little more…

What is the purpose of fighting over districts?

Ok. I know. Long term plan is that they will influence the sov mechanics, so obviously the fights will be important to me as an Eve pilot. But what about the mercs?

See, I’m hoping it’s going to get to the point where we can simply spawn on whatever districts we own, and then run around free roam, even if there isn’t a battle going on. I don’t know if this is something the code can handle, because so far matches only load when there’s a full team on both sides (or close to it). But what happens when these districts and planets become real places of interest?

Wouldn’t it make sense that we as an alliance should know the terrain of the planets that we own? Even if it’s just for that “home field advantage” of knowing your own terrain. But later on, it would be awesome to see the Dust mercs build infrastructure on the districts that they helped to conquer. Structures would be a totally awesome addition, with different ones having different effects on the whole district.

Maybe a headquaters building would be a special building that can only be placed on one district per system, and it would give special benefits for the administration of the corp. They already have a few placements like this, one of which is the CRU (which I’m sure we’re all familiar with). What if, as long as a district had a CRU on it, you could spawn your merc in that district as long as it hasn’t reached it’s “defender limit” which would be half of the number of people that district could support.

I think this could bring about a whole lot of really cool possibilities, and give us mercs a reason to get familiar with and attached to our “home systems.” I could see this tying in very intimately with Planetary Interaction, which has needed some iteration since it was released with Tyrannis. As a bit of a PI guy myself, I could see having to put contracts out to get my extractor units and factories built on the planet, or at least to protect them from outside invasion. Though, if this kind of interaction is going to be implemented, I’d like to see the PI resources be a little more instrumental to the whole Eve economy. Right now, it’s pretty much used just for POS fuel, but I’d love to see the resources pulled off of planets going into T1 and T2 production of some kind. I think this would also go a long way to increase the importance of planets.

Anyway, I’m not terribly familiar with the Unreal engine, so I’m not sure if something like this is possible, but man it would be awesome to see. I guess we’ll just have to wait until Fan Fest for more detailed information as to where Dust is going, but I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll involve some kind of free roam.

Until next time, happy hunting, everyone!



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