The Times Are a Changin’

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Dust Related, EVE Related

Good morning, (Sub)Dredditors and (Sub)Dredditor friends!

My title for today’s post is probably a little melodramatic. It’s not like today’s going to change things too drastically. For those who don’t know (maybe many of my Dust Bunny friends), today is patch day and the release of Retribution 1.1. With it comes some ship balancing, but more importantly we’re getting a new module for ships specifically targeted to you armor tankers out there.

The ancillary armor repair (AAR) module has dropped, and many people (such as myself) have shifted their PI efforts to produce the nanite repair paste (NRP) that the AAR is going to use for fuel. This has caused the cost of NRP to skyrocket in anticipation of the increased demand, and many in the EVE economic discussion board believe this to be a bubble. Over the past month, the cost of NRP has gone from it’s normal 22,000 ISK per unit, up to as high as 40,000 ISK. The folks who are saying it’s a bubble point out the fact that Jita prices have dropped to about 35,000 as of the time of me writing this blog, and who knows, they might be right. I’ve seen some claim that the AAR hasn’t been terribly useful on the test server, so perhaps the AAR will not see the use I’m hoping it will.

But then, I think the people on the market board bluff a lot.

I wish I could find the blog (I read most of them, if you’re on Eve Bloggers, I probably read you) I read last week, but a quick Google search isn’t coming up with much (and I actually have some work to do today, so I’m a tad short on time to find it), but the gist of it was that the AAR module allows for some absolutely ridiculous DPS tanking. Something like an incursus being able to tank over 1,000 DPS. The author of said particular post basically made the case for it being OP. I hope he’s right. If not, meh, I’ll just go back to producing coolant. I only use two of my five planets to make NRP (those two used to produce coolant), and the other three are still chugging along making mechanical parts. I figure it’s always safe to have a diverse portfolio.

While my EVE activities this weekend were focused on gettin’ that skrilla, Dust provided for a welcome release from number crunching.

Subdreddit has been super active lately as we work on integrating our newbros into this new and complex shooter. We, as a corp, have been producing some great content (if I do say so myself) over at in the form of videos and tutorials and such. We’ve got that website and this blog going to keep our people up to date on what’s been happening.

Another cool thing you can look forward to is Subdreddit’s new Dust talk show! Multimedia mastermind Starfire Revo has offered to host this talk show, and while we were hoping to film the first one this weekend, a few schedules couldn’t line up so we’ve postponed it for this coming Saturday at 2pm EST (I think there were talks about having it live streamed… that would be pretty fun). Starfire will be your host, and for the first episode you can expect our Fearless Leader Dent, Corp Officers and Morale Instigators Talos Alomar and Horus Forge, Dropship Pilot Extraordinaire Baal Roo, and myself, the blog guy (someone suggested the title Propaganda Master… I like it.)

I’m not sure where we’re hosting it at the moment, but you can be sure that come next Monday, I’ll have a link to it in my post.

Now, for a little action report.

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of squading up with Rynx Sinfar, a beta vet and prolific Subdredditor, along with some new folks I hadn’t met, Knarf Black and Friendly Woodsman. Woodsman and myself were both logibros, but I have to admit… he’s got a more approachable name for a Dust Doctor.

“Excuse me sir, it seems I’ve happened to have gotten my arm blown off in the most recent artillery barrage. Could you point me in the direction of our doctors?”

“Of course, my good man! We have two available at the moment, would you rather see the Friendly Woodsman, or the Doomprofit?”

It’s kind of a no-brainer.

Rynx is a spectacular heavy, and he had brought our big guns to the action, while Knarf rounded out our combat capabilities in an assault suit (and also did a fantastic job as squad leader). Besides the fact that my corp mates are great at what they do in and of themselves, I think this mix of dropsuits is particularly effective. We were constantly in the top spots on our team, and we didn’t lose a single match (even when we came up against a SVER True Blood Madrugar… you guys love those things, don’t you?)

This mix works out well for a number of reasons. When we were all together, Woodsman and myself could keep both our reps on Rynx the heavy, allowing him to step into the forefront and soak up a massive amount of damage, while Knarf covered the rear and called out squad orders. There was a great moment when the entire enemy team spawned on a CRU because it was their only option available, and while they were all rallying up around it, Knarf called down an orbital, decimating at least 75% of their team, while flushing the rest out and into the path of Rynx’s heavy machine gun. I think we as a squad made their whole team respawn in a matter of about 10 seconds. Nice work, dudes!

Another reason I really like this mix is that it allowed us to be a little more flexible in what points we wanted to capture. I’m sure most of us are no strangers to the schizophrenic nature of blueberries, so tactical decisions fell onto our shoulders. With our setup, we were able to comfortable split the team in two, with one logi following our assault guy, and one logi following our heavy guy. If necessary, we could easily split up and take two objectives at a time, making sure our more combat focused brethren were constantly repped, repaired and resupplied.

This was so effective, in fact, that at one point in the previously mentioned matched, the entire enemy team decided we needed to be taken out. Delta was the only blue letter, and us four were hunkered down around it determined not to let it fall into enemy hands. This was actually a few minutes after that orbital I talked about, and the enemy had spawned on Charlie with the intent of bringing their entire team down on our last letter.

Not only were we able to maintain control of Delta from the onslaught of enemy spawns, but we distracted them so much that a few blueberries were able to capture Alpha and Bravo with ease due to lack of anyone guarding them.

All in all, I’d say it was a good game.

Until next time, faithful followers

Happy hunting!


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