Why Am I so Bad?

Posted: February 20, 2013 in EVE Related

Good morning, (Sub)Dredditors and (Sub)Dredditor friends!

Yesterday evening, the wifey was quite deeply involved in the homeworks (ah, the joys of going back to school… so glad it’s not me) in the living room, so I retreated to the bedroom and the computer so as not to disturb her srs bsns. So there’s not much here for you Dust Bunnies specifically, but for those of you who are interested in exactly how bad I am at this space ship, I have some EVE activities to report.

I’m sure most of you (our enemies included) are aware that we’ve moved shop from our home system of K-6 to a more Delve centrally located system so as to faster respond to the invasions we’ve been seeing since the whole fiasco with the CFC. Now, at 15 million SP, Cawfield is not in a position to fly any of the doctrine battleships. I’m quite close, only 8 days from a T1 Foxcat Apocalypse, but still 29 days out from a T1 Rokhtrain doctrine. That’s fine, though because I’m totally space poor and I prefer to fly interceptors in our fleets anyway (might as well take advantage of the low cost clones while I can, right?)

There was a jabber ping for a fleet that went up, and since I hadn’t been in a fleet in a while I was eager to join. I hopped on Mumble as the fleet was getting set up and start up the EVE client.

Oh crap. It’s patch day.

So by the time I finish downloading and applying the patch, the fleet is already doing it’s thing, and my interceptor is still in K-6. Our staging system is technically only two or three jumps from K-6 thanks to jump bridges, but Goons have been camping the D-3 gate (the direction you need to go for the short way) on an almost constant basis it seems, so that was not an option.

Everyone moved their ships in fleet ops over a week ago, while I was busy shooting folks in the face on the planets below our systems (or so I wish… more like planets in random pointless high sec systems, but I digress…). It’s not a huge deal, because interceptors are incredibly difficult to catch, and seeing as how I’m flying an Ares now, there aren’t too many ships that can get a hold of me. Though, 40+ man gate camps with similar types of interceptors, bubbles, and destroyers would still ruin my day, so I had to take the back way around (something like 11 jumps ish).

Obviously it was too late to join the fleet by the time I got to our staging system, so once I got there I made the decision to install a jump clone and then hop back to K-6 to set up more industry stuff. I’m not a carebare so much as I just hate ratting and need some kind of income coming in. Though, admittedly, I’m really bad at industry, too. This is probably why my wallet is now sitting at 200,000,000 (it was 300,000,000 but I spent a lot last night, and I’ll tell you why soon).

Turns out there’s not a whole lot for me to do back in K-6 either, but at least I’ve got the jump clone in our staging system, so next time a fleet goes up, I can just jump over there and hop in.

Now, with the new ship balances in place, I have developed a new found love for the Maulus frigate. The Maulus has to be my favorite ship model in the game. Being a huge Boba Fett fanboy when I was younger (who wasn’t, really?) the similarities with his Slave I are uncanny. The Maulus totally looks like a Gallente-fied Slave I, and though I’ve never heard the designers mention it (for legal reasons, I’m sure… I’m looking at you Lucas Arts….), it’s fairly obvious, I think, where the inspiration has come from.

It also helps that the Maulus has become a pretty effective solo pvp platform (or so I’ve been told). This is good, I think, because I have never soloed before, and it seems to me that if I want to get better at the whole combat thing, there’s only one way to do it… go out and get blown up.

And man, have I been getting blown up.

In honor of Boba Fett, I name all my Maulus’s Slave (#). This is also helpful because it lets me know how many times I have failed utterly. Yesterday evening, Slave VII met its demise at the hands of the Goon gate camp. You’ll notice it was me, in my T1 Maulus, verses 4 T2 frigates. Given my set up (long range kiter / drone boat, with a long point to hold them in place while my Hobgoblin 2s go at it), this is obviously not an ideal situation, and had I seen this going in, I would not have engaged (duh).

So this is how it went down. I had hopped into Slave VII because K-6 had both neuts and Goons running around, normally with only 1 or 2 in the system at a time. I was hoping I could catch someone by themselves and get my first solo kill. I warp to my perch off the D-3 gate, because that’s where all the bads come in, and I watch as Rad Lalaxen is dropping core sister probes in his Helios about 100km off the gate. He cloaks up when he sees me, and I see the probes disappear.

“Core probes?” I thought, “Not combat? Hrm… why is this Goon probing my system?” I call him out in local, but sadly Rad is not a chit chatter like myself. I figured he had warped cloaked off to a safe spot to bookmark signatures for future gangking or something like that. I continue my guard duties, warping around the system looking for bads.

It’s obvious now, that Rad never warped off, and seeing where my perch was, must have uncloaked and burned for it while I was checking the other gates, because he was at least a good 300km away from it when he cloaked up.

This didn’t scare me in the least, as I have a Helios of my own, and I am quite aware that they are not combat ships (though, from my own perspective my skills at fitting them are negligible, so mine are pretty much only for probing).

So I warp back to my perch, and it isn’t too long before I see Rad uncloak not 2km from my position. In retrospect, I should have immediately warped off, because my whole set up is designed to approach from 120km away, and move in on the target without them being able to target me. But, “It’s a Helios,” I thought, and he’s in blaster range (which I normally only reserve for fending off drones that are after me), “I can take him.”

I forgot the first PvP lesson I ever learned in EVE, waaaaay back when I first started in the Winter of 2009. I was in a small low-sec alliance in Aridia when the original Goonswarm was disbanded and lost all sovereignty of Delve. They were migrating through our space from Delve to… Syndicate? maybe… wherever they moved to, they moved through our space. That’s when I learned, “Goons never travel alone.”

Also the giant gate camp on the other side of the D-3 gate should have tipped me off.

In any case, the Helios points me, and I point the Helios. He launches a drone, and I launch my 4 hobgoblin IIs. I totally think I can win this fight.

Then I watch as my overview points out 3 new bads on grid. That would be the two interceptors and the assault frigate you see on the killboard link. Seeing as how there was no warping off, that was pretty much all she wrote. Interceptors by themselves are one of the few ships I won’t engage with the Maulus because their speed trumps my fit, and as you can see, being close range with an assault frigate also causes me to have a bad time.

I was able to warp back to station in my pod, thankfully, but it was the last Maulus I had saved up, and K-6 had been dry of that hull for a long time. Luckily, someone had brought in about 10 hulls recently, so I bought up 5 more and the modules to fit them. I am determined to get a solo kill now, damn it!

Anyway, that’s why I’m out 100 mil now. I reeeeally like this set up, and I think it can be effective once I learn the basics of solo pvp (I learned with Slave VI that once I start to get in point range, I need to turn the MWD off, because if I accidently fall in range, especially against a destroyer, I’m insta-popped). In this situation, I learned that I shouldn’t sit still on my perch.

So, lessons learned last night. Now I’ve got Slaves VIII, IX, X, XI, & XII all ready to go to learn more cold and harsh lessons in a cold and harsh universe.

Until next time,

Happy hunting, everyone!



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