A Wide Open World

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Dust Related, EVE Related, General Shit-Shooting

Good morning, (Sub)Dredditors and (Sub)Dredditor friends!

Recently I’ve been engaged in some ~super secret squirrel~ activities in EVE, which have turned out to be quite prosperous. As a result, I am no longer space-poor, and will soon be happily stocking many varieties of ships that I fly in our staging system of NOL.

Because of these ~projects,~ my Dust time has been severely limited, and as I think I mentioned here before, I’m finding it difficult to come up with a reason to log into Dust at the moment. With only 4 maps and two game styles to play, there’s a sorely lacking feeling of accomplishment at the moment. I’ve gotten my support skills to a nice point, and there are only a few more level Vs I need to get before I start wondering where to put my skill points. I know there’s always the grind to take into consideration, but I do not play CCP games to grind. I play them because of the potential for emergent activities, and the sandbox nature of a wide open world.

No worries, though. We’ve got a new build upon us, and from what I’ve been hearing from the devs, this new build is going to make Dust feel like a completely different game. While I do not think we’ll be seeing any nullsec interaction with this new build, I am hoping for some more meaningful battles as far as things like faction warfare go. I’m really really hoping that we’ll get to see the map generation tool at work, and will have a wide variety of different terrain to pitch our battles on.

I fully understand that CCP is working on making the shooting mechanics of Dust as solid as they possibly can, and I think that’s a good move. But in my slowly growing boredom with what we’ve got so far, and my perhaps quicker return to the space setting I am more familiar with, I’ve come to realize a few things that make EVE such a great game that I hope will eventually make its way into Dust 514.

One of the most important things I’ve realized is EVE’s amazing amount of variety of things to do. I’ve been playing this game for close to three years off and on, and in that time I’ve had my hand in manufacturing, mining, PI, null sec pvp, and exploration, just off the top of my head (I’m sure there are a few I’m forgetting).

Out of all of those, only one actually involves direct player vs player conflict (the others most certainly offer pvp, but it’s of a different sort…everything in EVE is pvp one way or another). Granted, this is an activity I’ve constantly participated in, unlike some of the others, but I am really bad at it and rarely meet with success.

That’s fine, though, because if I’m ever discouraged, or bored, or just want something different, I can forget about what I have been doing, and take up something else that suits my fancy (recently it’s been in the trade business).

In Dust, right now we have one activity. Shoot reds.

This is a good activity.

But with all that New Eden has to offer, I just can’t wait until our Dust Bunnies have the opportunity to partake in things like resource gathering, manufacturing, trading and exploration. I know these are things CCP is working towards, and I’m sure they’re a bit farther down on the ten year plan, but I still can’t help titillating our ground forces with possibilities the future holds.

Most of this excitement I have does come from the ~secret squirrel~ activities I’ve got going on at the moment, and I wish I could go into more detail about things like emergent gameplay, but sadly this info is op-sec, and not for sharing with the masses (I’ve got to protect my secrets, you know =).

In any case, I can only leave our eager Dusters with this; eventually there will come a time in the next year or so where you will be able to play Dust in many different ways. It will not consist of simply getting your gun-off or reviving dead comrades (logibros represent). The career paths of industry mogul, trading guru, and political mastermind will also be open to you, among many more.

Good times are coming for New Eden. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Until next time,

Happy hunting, everyone!



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