Freespace: New Eden Unleashed

Posted: March 9, 2013 in EVE Related

Good morning, (Sub)Dredditors and (Sub)Dredditor friends!

Recently, I had posted a bit of internal politics going on inside of TEST, and since then there has been some great discussion going on within the confines of our super secret auth boards. I think there are a lot of internal changes happening with TEST at the moment, and I think it’s a good thing.

Before I get into the topic of today’s article, I wanted to clarify a little something I had written on the boards that I think deserves a bit of tweaking.

I had talked about the lack of direction with TEST, and how many line members were looking to be a part of something more grandiose than what we’ve been playing around with since the fall of -A-. I have basically come to the conclusion that the reason we haven’t mobilized this massive behemoth of an alliance was because the only thing we really could do would involve Sov, and Sov sucks right now.

So I proposed an idea to fix Sov in the only way that we as regular null folk can; with a campaign against high sec that would be so fierce , that even the denizens of high sec would decry CCP for not fixing Sov until we went away to leave them to their carebearish activities.

Before our reset with the CFC, many complained about “the big blue doughnut.” Since it had already happened before, I figured it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to reopen those channels for one final project, and to also extend (i.e. force) the invitation to the likes of Solar and other null entities who were not blue to the CFC or HBC.

I speak of the idea of a United Null; The UN. With the sole purpose of implementing sanctions on high sec (no more moon goo for them!), and instituting a blitzkrieg campaign to disrupt trade hubs and major travel roots. It would be like “Burn Jita,” except it would be “Burn Jita, Amarr, Dodixie and Rens, + some more.”

Many newbros seemed to enjoy this idea, though it was not as popular with our vets.

In any case, I want to state that while it’s my idea, I don’t think it’s a particularly great one in regards to solving the problem with Sov. The major reason being is that in proposing this idea, I was taking advantage of a popular sentiment, that “CCP doesn’t care about Sov and isn’t doing anything to fix it.” I’ve heard this echoed across many different forums. It’s unfortunately a popular opinion among the denizens of null.

But I don’t believe it. Since the Summer of Rage and the subsequent release of the Crucible expansion, CCP has done a tremendous job turning itself into a company that cares for, and listens to its player base. I do not envy the folks at CCP, and the positions they’ve been put in. It seems no matter what they do, they will always have people who shout from the rooftops about CCP’s inadequate coverage of their particular pet peeve.

People have been screaming about a broken null for a while now, and I think CCP has heard them (right guys?!). I also think their new expansion format is  a good one, and more well rounded than the previous way of doing things. This also means that we shouldn’t expect an expansion to focus only on fixing null, but I would be highly surprised if there weren’t elements of Sov fixing in this summer’s expansion.

So I don’t think causing a huge ruckus in high sec will make CCP work any faster than they already are (and for what it’s worth, I think they’re doing a great job).

I still do think it would be totally fun, though. The narrative that could be wrapped around an event like that would be tremendous, and the story of The UN vs CONCORD would be one for the history books.


Maybe one day.

(Of course, now with running rampant Anti-Montolio propaganda, which I will write about on Monday, this idea may be farther off than I had originally anticipated).

Now, on to the topic that I wanted to write about.

Freespace: New Eden Unleashed

Alright, this is also a terrible idea, but one that I thought would be fun to play around with. I would like to introduce to you a new way for our ships to transverse the stars, a rig I like to call an “Interstellar Warp Drive Configuration.”

So we all know and love (or not) the stargate system of EVE. Gates are placed in star systems that are connected to other star systems, and unless you’ve got a titan bridge or a jump drive capable ship, you’ve got to use those gates to get to where you’re going.

This system is fine, of course, and we’ve all grown used to it. But with the introduction of this kind of rig, the tactical abilities of pilots would be increased exponentially.

We know that the stars we see in the background while we’re in space are the actual star systems we see on our map. Imagine if you could hover your mouse over one of those stars, and get a pop up on your HUD similar to when you hover your mouse over a star on the star map. You’d get a list of planets, belts, stations etc… and just like any other item in your current solar system, you could select and align to it (this includes specific items in the system, so I could say, align to planet IV, moon III, for example).

When you’ve got one of these rigs installed, and the appropriate fuel in your cargo hold, you can choose to actually warp to stars that are within your jump drive’s range, and bypass the gate system all together. Not only this, but choosing where you enter the system (planet IX, moon VI) means that corps and alliances who own space will have to do more than just camp gates if they want to protect their space from invaders (or just get kills), they’d actually have to be out on patrol… on the hunt, if you will.

Yes, this dramatically changes the current jump drive system. I don’t think it would be fair to have ships that are already capable of jumps to still have to rely on cynos, so the whole cyno thing would have to be rethought. I would think that using a cyno wouldn’t take the time it takes to warp between stars, which I’ll get to in a moment. Cyno jammers would also still retain their use, as well as have the added benefit of not allowing any ships to jump drive into system, forcing people to use the gates no matter if they have the “Interstellar Warp Drive Configuration” rig or not.

Think of the tactical possibilities!

This would completely change fleet warfare. The item takes up a rig slot, so any fleet doctrine that wants to be able to have this super-mobility would be at a slight disadvantage against a purely defensive fleet that does not fit it. Though, the disadvantage is probably minimal at best.

So, yes, this rig does have to have a larger disadvantage in using it (other than the use of fuel), and I’d propose that would be time. It makes sense that warping between stars would take more time using our warp drives than warping between the planets of a star system. Perhaps something like 30 seconds a lightyear? With the longest jump ranges being say… 10 to 12 lightyears? If that were the case, a 10 light year jump would have you sitting in warp for 5 minutes. I think this would make sure the device isn’t too heavily relied upon, but still useful (it also gives us another reason to use a cyno, which would remain instantaneous).

There would have to be some pretty major changes to the UI, though for these to work. For starters, scanning tools would need to be totally redone. They would become immensely important, and every pilot would have to learn to rely on them. As it stands, d-scanning is not intuitive at all, and it’s a difficult thing for new pilots to get a grasp of. This new scanning tool would probably have to be a bit more graphical in nature, as opposed to the spreadsheet of numbers the current d-scan is.

There would also have to be more kinds of defenses that owners of a system can place. Cyno jammers could stop warp ins into the system (or a new item could be made for this purpose), but along with a redone, graphical scanning tool, there could also be a new sov item that projects a type of radar across the whole system, so that alliance members could pull the map up and see where every ship in system is (or maybe just FCs with the proper roles?).

I have no idea if the results of a change like this would end up being good or bad. I think they’d be awesome, but my abilities in prognostication are not infinite, so they could end up being terrible. That’s probably why I’m not a game designer.

Still! From my own limited perspective, I think the possibilities opened by the introduction of an item like this (or, 3 of the small, medium and large varieties) would utterly change the way that fleets engaged each other.


I’m just full of dreams today, aren’t I?

Until next time,

Happy Hunting, Everyone!



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