The Flight of Terroranis Wrex

Posted: March 14, 2013 in EVE Related

Good morning, (Sub)Dredditors and (Sub)Dredditor friends!

Today I am happy to regale you with an after action report. The result of our roam was this battle that occurred in WY-9LL in Fountain, and I will tell you of this fight from my perspective, which was one of the most heart-pounding fights of my EVE career. At about 6pm-ish yesterday evening, I saw a ping go out for a blaster Moa fleet.

“Blaster Moas?!” I thought, “This will be the perfect opportunity to give my brawler Taranis fit a test run!” As you will come to read shortly, this was in fact not true. However, to give you a better understanding, allow me to show you my fit.

[Terroranis Wrex]

Damage Control II
Micro Auxiliary Power Cor I
200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I
Experimental 1mn Afterburner I
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I

Light Neutron Blaster II x3 (Void S)

Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I
Small Hybrid Burst Accelerator I

Something you may notice with this fit is the lack of a microwarp drive.

Now, being the accomplished interceptor and tackle pilot that I am, this was not lost on me. I knew it put me at a disadvantage in speed, and I probably wouldn’t be chasing anyone down. That’s kind of the point of the fit. This guy has 200dps (214 with drones), 5K EHP, and a top speed of 1,156mps. He’s meant to brawl, not chase.

I thought about this as we were forming up in the staging POS. Would we have anyone who could chase down our targets? Thankfully, I noticed another interceptor, a crow, as well as a few other tackle frigates, so I figured someone else had to have a MWD and could chase down whoever we needed. Thankfully, I wouldn’t have to run back to get my Ares (a proper fleet tackle fit).

Vernn Miller was our FC, and I’d like to point out he did an awesome job leading this fleet. He calls for us to roll out, and the whole fleet of about 40 people begin to make their way to Fountain. Our desto is set as Serpentis Prime, and we begin our journey of causing mayhem to the NPC Null residents.

SilentMajority was our scout, which is a good thing, too because when Vernn asked for a scout, I had considered it, but then took into account the fact that I was AB fit, and obviously that would not suffice. Plus, SilentMajority had a cloaky scout ready to go, so that probably was better than sending in an Ares anyway (and did end up being a better plan, which also probably had to do with Silent actually being pretty good at this game, as opposed to me… I’m just flying blind most of the time).

So we get to the next system over from WY-9 (an NPC null system with 3 stations), and SilentMajority is already in there scouting out possible targets. Vernn asks for two interceptors to x-up and since there were only three in the fleet, I thought this might be a good time to give Terroranis Wrex his test flight.

Our job was to jump in when Vernn made the call, rush to station and get some of the bads to aggress so they couldn’t dock back up. Vernn tells us two ceptors to jump in, and my Crow companion, Stridder, and I jump in to WY-9 and warp to Silent who has Ws in fleet.

He’s sitting off about 400km from the station, and Stridder and I begin our spiral towards the bads who are sitting on the undock. Carpathium is also there in his Sabre, and throws up a bubble to keep everyone where they’re at. As I’m spiraling towards the station, I say this in comms…

“Ok, I can get to them but it might take a while because I’ve got an afterburner, not a MWD.”

Oh, how the fleet erupted! “Whaaat?! That is NOT how you fit an interceptor!”

Yes, yes. I know. But I would also like to point out that had I fit a MWD instead of an afterburner, I would probably be dead, but I’ll get to that in a second.

It suddenly occurred to me that I was spiraling at about 350km from the station at that point, so I should probably warp to 100km and then spiral from there. I had forgotten about bubble, though, so when I warped it dragged me right to the edge, which was pretty much the undock, and it was also where two enemy Drakes were waiting for their moment to strike.

Apparently, that moment came as soon as I landed in the bubble, and the Drakes immediately began to light up Carpathium and his Sabre. It did not last long, and I was their second target. Vernn gives the order for the rest of the fleet to warp in, so now we’ve got reinforcements coming. I hear SilentMajority over comms…

“You need to get transversal quick! They’re targeting you and you’re about to go blap!”

I double click to a point way off in space and turn on the AB. I had hit the needed transveral speed right as the first volley  landed on me. Sweet. Death momentarily avoided.

But now came the hard part. I had to pilot myself into orbit range while still maintaining transversal, and at least one of the Drakes had it in for me. I point him with my scram, web him up and begin my spiraling attempt as I let loose with the blasters. He started off around 8km away, but I had Void ammo and needed to close the distance (I had null, too but I was too caught up in the moment to remember to switch and just orbit from there).

So I begin to close the distance, but the transversal just isn’t what it needs to be and I start taking heavy damage.

“Crap! I’m taking damage!” I probably sounded a tad worried.

“Broadcast for shields as soon as we land!” Came the reply from a helpful logibro.

My spiraling continues, and so does the barrage of missiles.


No more shields.

Bam bam!

There goes my armor


There goes almost half my hull.

And suddenly, shields are at 100% (thanks awesome logibros!) and I’m orbiting nicely at 500m, with no more damage coming in. With about 30 blaster Moas now backing me up, the offending Drake is quickly dispatched, along with his buddy.

And I got my first real killmail.


At the end of the fight, I was sitting with 68% hull and Terroranis was on fire…literally.

There were some station games with the locals, and tragically we lost a few ships while we were warping out due to them getting caught on the station, but all in all, it was a good roam. After that it was getting pretty late for our Euro-bros so Vernn called it a night and we headed back to NOL.

So, would I have died if I fit a MWD in this situation? If I flew it well, probably not, but chances are I would have freaked out when I landed in that bubble and turned on my MWD, which would have blown up my signature (yes, I know interceptors get a bonus, but it’s a scan resolution difference between 36, and 136 so… who knows how that would have effected the outcome). Also, the nice thing about the Terroranis fit is that it’s cap stable at 68%, so turning on the afterburner is something I just do, and not think about.

In any event, I’m currently training Advanced Weapon Upgrades V (still 22 days out), so when that’s over with, yes my lovely fleet members, I will be putting a MWD on at least one of my Taranis fits (because I can still keep the blasters, then)… though, if I’m going to go full fleet tackle, I’ll probably still favor the Ares.

Anyway, it was great fun and many thanks to all who came along, especially our very skilled FC, Vernn and awesome scout SilentMajority (who definitely saved my ship, I probably wouldn’t have reacted fast enough with out his goading).

Until next time,

Happy Hunting, Everyone!



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